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History of the department

Contemporary Clinic of Radiology was founded as a department of radiology at the time of the hospital Na Bulovce opening - in august 1931. The department was initially a small one. There were only few workrooms with only basic skiagraphic and fluoroscophic equipment and radiotherapy of the benign pain syndromes was also provided, as usual at that time. Radiotherapeutic equipment was removed at the end of seventies. The first chief of the department of radiology was doc. RNDr. MUDr. Bohumír Polland. His name is still well known, by his work he contributed to build a good reputation of the hospital as well as MUDr. Josef Slanina, CSc., who became the chief of the department in 1949. Dr. Slanina also devoted himself to education of radiographers and he became also the head of the Department of Radiology of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Studies and this institute was also located in the Department of Radiology in the hospital Na Bulovce. In 1965 prof. MUDr. Slavoj Věšín, DrSc. became the chief of the Department of Radiology, he belonged among Dr. Slanina´s close friends. The Department of Radiology became in 1966 Clinic of Radiology of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies for Physicians and Pharmacists. Prof. Věšín took credit for the centralization of radiological workplaces with integrated management and also for developing the modern methods of diagnostics of digestive system, otorhinolaryngology and urology as well as angiography (there was a modern diagnostic instrument installed, that has served till 1995), neuroradiology, mammology, etc.

Prof. Věšín was replaced in 1976 by prof. MUDr. Jaromír Kolář DrSc., who had continued to straggle for better facilities. There was computed tomography installed in the eighties (as the first one in Prague and second in Czechoslovakia), DSA, termography and ultrasonography. Prof. Kolář has become one of the leaders in osteological diagnostics, and therefore the clinic extended it´s focus also of osteology.

In 1993 prof. MUDr. Josefa Bohutová, DrSc. came into the office of the head of Department of Radiology of IPVZ Clinic (Institute of Postgraduade Education in Healthcare) and she had merit in further development of neuroradiology and interventional radiological methods. In 1995 there was a new modern DSA instrument installed and in 1998 there was opened a new workstation of helical computed tomography. Since 2002 there is a multislice CT (16 row detector) and since 2006 there is another more effective one MDCT (40 row detector). In 2005 there was a new (the most modern at that time) magnetic resonance installed with very short acquisition times and with high noise reduction during the examination, therefore patient have a higher degree of comfort during examination time. Since 1953 till 2005 every radiologist underwent preparation for attestation, and the attestation of the first and second degree as well.

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